Empowering a World of Diverse Abilities

Every life is valued and every person has a place.

Our Services

Our services encourage choice and independence, while meeting the health and safety needs of each person. We work with each person, their family and their Circle of Support team to address each person’s unique intellectual, social, medical, emotional, spiritual, legal and recreational needs.

Who we are

Founded in 1971, Bethesda supports people with diverse abilities and their families with a wide range of services. From supported living options, community-based activities, life skills and summer camps, to employment services and family support, we empower people to thrive. We are a Christian faith-based service provider committed to building communities of belonging, where everyone’s abilities are welcomed and deeply valued.

“I so appreciate all you do for Rachel. I’m at the point now where I don’t worry about her anymore. The biggest thing for a parent is that they know their child is well looked after.”
- Flo, Rachel's mom


meeting you wherever you are