How we support a person to realize their dreams, choices and goals in life

Adapted from Dr. Robert Schalock’s Quality of Life framework¬† |¬† Schalock, RL & MA Verdugo, 2002

Personalized Planning

Through Person-Centred Planning, we support a person to reach their maximum potential in 8 Quality of Life areas. We do it in a collaborative process that involves direct input from them and their family or personal representative. This is an individualized approach – not cookie-cutter or predetermined.

The service a person receives protects the person’s rights and freedoms. The value we place on participation and inclusion in each person’s community, encourages social connections and friendships that will provide additional support.

John's plan starts with his interests, dreams and goals.

Services offer learning and growth with dignity and respect for each person’s capabilities and personality.

Goals are set based on interests, and cultural, spiritual and personal preferences.

Person-centred plans are reviewed 4x/yr and adjusted for changes in preferences and from ongoing input from each person and their Circle of Support.

"Our strength is we think outside the box. If there's something a person wants to do, even if it seems like a really big goal, like flying a plane, there are small steps that can be taken. It's easy to say 'no you can't, you can never fly a plane', but maybe you can be involved in another way. We find ways to make that goal be achievable as possible."

Grace, Manager of Langley Day Services

8 Quality of Life Areas


Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being

Contentment, self-concept, lack of stress, connection and opportunities to meet spiritual needs


Interpersonal Relations

Interactions, relationship, other supports


Material Well-being

Financial status, housing, employment and work


Personal Development

Education, personal competence and efficacy, performance


Physical and Mental Well-Being

Health, mental health, and daily living, leisure and wellness activities



Autonomy and personal control, personal goals, choices


Social Inclusion

Community integration and participation, roles, supports



Legal, human rights (respect, dignity, equality)