Bethesda Christian Foundation

Make Your Legacy a Community of True Belonging

Through legacy giving you are ensuring that your estate plan reflects your personal values, adequately provides for any dependants, and leaves a testimony of the things that are important to you.

Bethesda Christian Foundation

Bethesda Christian Foundation is a volunteer-run,
registered charity for the sole benefit of Bethesda. Its mission is to provide funding to support people with disabilities in partnership with Bethesda Christian Association. It holds assets, manages investments, offers student bursaries, and does legacy fundraising for Bethesda.

Through the support of you and our other donors, the Foundation has raised and invested more than $5.3 million in asset development and investment for Bethesda. Projects include a supported independent living apartment in Smithers, BC, an intentional townhouse community in Chilliwack and a head office building in Abbotsford.

Your Legacy, Your Values

Your legacy is one of the most impactful decisions in your lifetime – a way to ensure your values are carried into the future. By partnering with Bethesda Christian Foundation, your values of prayer, sanctity of life, relationships, stewardship and inclusion will live on through our mission to provide funding to Bethesda for supporting people with disabilities.

Your Impact

Your legacy gift to Bethesda Christian Foundation helps fulfill the mission of Bethesda by providing secure capital to meet the large needs as they arise and to grow our capacity to provide safe and comfortable homes in our communities for people with disabilities.

  • Fund upgrades in staffed residential homes so people age in their home safely.
  • Develop intentional homes and townhouse communities.
  • Purchase specialized support equipment and vehicles.

Be part of Bethesda’s mission to support and empower people with diverse abilities and their families.

Learn more about leaving a legacy gift to the Bethesda Christian Foundation. Contact your Foundation Governor.

Bethesda Christian Foundation Board of Governors

The Foundation board is a charitable holding company for the sole benefit of Bethesda, holding assets, offering student bursaries to assist post-secondary students with financial support, and to act as a fundraising agency for Bethesda. The Foundation board uses the term governor as opposed to director.