Residential Services

Home is belonging. For a person with a diverse ability, they have the same longing for a home that reflects who they are as anyone. Whether a person needs full-time support or lives independently, the three residential options we offer –  staffed residential homes, home share, or intentional communities – all aim to support people with diverse abilities to thrive in reciprocal relationships, inclusive communities and lifestyles rooted in true belonging.

Staffed Residential Homes

Staffed residential homes offer 24/7 support from trained staff teams for 2 to 4 adults per home.

Home Share

A Home Share is where a person or family opens their home and heart to 1 to 2 people with diverse abilities.

Intentional Communities

Community living in individual homes within an apartment or townhouse complex.

Staffed Residential Homes

Staffed residential homes offer 24/7 support from trained staff teams. Between 2 and 4 people live in a home where they receive personalized support to ensure each person’s health, safety and well-being are met.

In addition to the daily supports, people living in the homes are encouraged to be involved in their communities, either by participating in a local Community Inclusion service, or by engaging in a range of activities within the community.

Every Bethesda residence is first and foremost the home of those who live there. Staff are intentional about creating an intimate, family setting that creates a strong sense of belonging and is respectful of the people that live there. The respect shows in ways like ringing a doorbell and waiting for the door to be opened before entering or greeting the people that live there before checking in with their co-workers.

Family members are an integral part of people’s lives and are included in decisions affecting the unique needs of each person. The person supported, along with parents or family members, participate in decorating the home, infusing warmth and personal meaning that reflects their personality and preferences into their home.

Our homes are located in communities throughout BC: 4 in the Richmond/Ladner area, 4 in the south Okanagan, 8 in the Abbotsford area, 1 each in Surrey, Maple Ridge, and Langley, and 4 in the Chilliwack area.

Home Share

Home Sharing is a contracted service with people or families in the community who offer a home for someone with a diverse ability. Bethesda supports and monitors relationships between host families and people with diverse abilities. Home Share is a CLBC referral-based service. 

Home Share providers are carefully screened and matched with the person to whom they are opening their home. To ensure the best success in the relationship, we look for shared values, interests, preferences and goals. Learn more about Bethesda’s opportunities to become a Home Share provider.

Home Share roles vary widely depending on the needs and preferences of the person being supported. Some people have a high level of independence, while others need more support. Providing safety, privacy and belonging in the home is where it starts. Most Home Share providers create a nurturing environment for the person they support, welcoming them into their family. They encourage them to grow and thrive physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

For those who are well-suited, Home Share becomes a lifestyle choice that can be extremely rewarding. A compatible placement enriches their life and the lives of their Home Share family.

Intentional Communities

Intentional Community offers affordable, flexible and individualized housing options for people with and without disabilities. People living in Intentional Community may live independently in their home or receive support from Bethesda staff. 

An Intentional Community is a group of people who choose to live together with a common purpose, working cooperatively to create a lifestyle that reflects their shared core values and needs. Each person living there contributes their unique abilities and their individual dreams and goals. Together they create a dynamic and vibrant community.

Bethesda currently operates two intentional communities—a 9 unit townhouse complex in Chilliwack and a 6 suite apartment in Smithers. A caretaker is on-site in both locations.