Community Inclusion

People are supported to learn and develop wherever they are at in their life.

Community Inclusion offers opportunities for people with diverse abilities to enrich their lives, develop their God-given abilities and experience personal growth. We support people to achieve their goals:

  • life skills
  • recreational
  • relational
  • educational
  • career
  • physical
  • spiritual

Learning and growth takes place through interactive and hands-on activities in small social groups or through one-on-one practice. We offer community-based Community Inclusion in centrally located spaces in the Fraser Valley as well as home-based Community Inclusion from some of our homes. 

Community Inclusion offers a wide variety of activities designed to meet the specific needs of each 
person. We work with each person to create a plan designed for their needs and goals, a plan that is responsive and adaptable to their changes. Learning to cook, sew and do laundry develops and improves life skills. Discovering the world we live in increases awareness of those around us. Making friends, exercising and playing sports encourage a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging participants to become active in a job or volunteer role enriches themselves and those they are serving. People are supported to learn and develop so they can be active, confident participants in their community.

Behind every activity there is a purpose. But we never lose sight of the importance of doing something purely for enjoyment and fun.

By supporting employment or skill development, we empower people to be valued and contributing members in their community.

Community Inclusion services take place during daytime hours up to 7 days per week depending on individual considerations and availability. All Community Inclusion is funded through CLBC for people who are eligible, as determined through a CLBC assessment. Fee for service options are also available.

Community-based Community Inclusion

Most of our Community Inclusion services are based in designated locations in Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Langley. People who participate live in intentional communities, residential homes, a home share, or with their family at home. Services may take place at one of Bethesda’s Community Inclusion sites or with staff support in the community. Participants may receive one-on-one support or join a group of participants. 

Bethesda’s Community Inclusion sites offer an opportunity for shared activities and social connections. Once everyone arrives in the morning and has greeted each other and their friends, they might start the day with a short devotion and a few songs. From there they go to different activities, maybe in small groups or one on one.  Activities are offered to help people learn, form relationships, and have fun.  For example, something as simple as a regular excursion to the local mall may offer one person practice in ordering a coffee and counting change, while for another person, it may mean a chance to socialize with a shopkeeper they have come to know.

Regularly scheduled activities such as a floor hockey group, an exercise class, or a worship service, offer people opportunities to meet people and make friends outside their normal circle of support. Other activities may take place at Bethesda Community Inclusion sites, such as games,  puzzles, reading, crafts, or shared lunches with other participants. Some people may have a job they go to. Each person receives a day filled with opportunities and activities that are intended to support growth, choices and personal needs. No two days are the same.  

People participating in Community-based CI are well-supported with support workers who are trained to encourage as much independence as possible. While many of the activities are designed for several participants, individualized services, are offered to people receiving one-to-one support. 

Home-based Community Inclusion

For some people, participating in Community Inclusion opportunities and activities is available as a home-based option. We meet this need by offering Community Inclusion support within staffed residential homes. As with the Community-based service, the activities offered within a home are individualized to the goals and preferences of the person. The growth and learning opportunities take place in the home as well as out in the community.