Home Share Contracts

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Bethesda’s Home Share service is a shared-living arrangement where a family or a single person cares for someone with an intellectual disability in their home. Each Home Share strives to foster an individual’s independence and quality of life, while recognizing the need for interdependence and support. By welcoming into their home and providing personal support for the person, a Home Share provider receives a contract that includes guidelines of care, reporting requirements as well as remuneration. Payment for services is based on a “Level” funding formula and is determined by the amount of support that an individual requires. Additionally, each Home Share would receive respite care funds to allow the care giver regular breaks in providing support and each Home Share would receive ongoing support from the agency.

Prospective caregivers should give thoughtful consideration and seek out information before assuming the role of professional caregiver. Providing 24-hour care to another person requires an individual with unique characteristics. It is not a role that everyone can successfully assume. For those who are suited, Home Share becomes a lifestyle choice that can be extremely rewarding. A compatible placement enriches their lives and the lives of their family members. Family members need to decide what supports they would need, and what adjustments would be required. Your family should also recognize its strengths and its limitations. Bethesda will help to determine the best compatible individual with your family.

Standard requirements for all Home Share Contractors of Bethesda include:

• Canadian or landed immigrant status
• Ability to provide support consistent with Bethesda’s Vision, Mission and Core Values
• Criminal Record Search through the Ministry of Justice
• Doctor’s written verification of good health
• Current Driver’s Abstract
• First Aid and CPR certification

Current Home Share Opportunities

Bethesda’s mission is to support people with disabilities and their families. Bethesda’s ministry is a Christian faith-based service.

Respite Services are for eligible applicants who are living with or providing full-time care to family members or loved ones with intellectual disabilities. We do this to assist caregivers and families in achieving temporary, restorative time off to maintain balance and help reduce stress in their lives.

Bethesda is seeking Respite Providers in the Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack areas to provide contracted respite care.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact Darlene at the Bethesda Provincial Office, 604-850-6604 ext. 319. You can also apply online at www.bethesdabc.com/services.



Home Share is a shared-living arrangement where a family or single person welcomes someone with an intellectual disability into their home, providing 24-hour care. A compatible placement enriches the lives of the person and the lives of the Home Share family.

We are looking for dedicated people, couples, or families who have a calling in their heart for this kind of unique work. A suitable contract will be established. We will provide ongoing support to the person/couple/family providing care.

For more information or to request an application package, please email: life@BethesdaBC.com


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