Our Exceptional Leadership Team

Bethesda Executive Director Team

Jody Siebert

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Steenburgh

Chief Operations Office/Human Resources

Tori Dalair

Chief Operations Officer

Greta Nicholson

Chief Financial Officer

Darlys Carlson McDonald

Chief Human Resources Officer

Walter Nordeman

Chief Assets & Development Officer

Rodney Wiebe

Director of Family Support and Community Development

Ann Trudeau

Director of Services

Steve Walsh

Director of Services

Darlene Davy

Director of Services

Francine Lee

Director of Services

Mike Strain

Director of Services

Dawna Braun

Director of Services

Bethesda Board of Directors

The Bethesda board of directors represents the society’s membership in determining and representing appropriate organizational performance and to make specific contributions that lead the society toward the desired performance standards. On behalf of the people we support and thos who work at Bethesda, the board guarantees the accountability of Bethesda by ensuring that it:

  • Commits to continual improvement of its Christian values and vision.
  • Achieves appropriate results for the appropriate persons at an appropriate cost.
  • Avoids unacceptable activities, conditions and decisions. 

The board has governed with an emphasis on fulfilling the agency’s vision, on encouragement of diversity in viewpoints, on strategic leadership, on clear distinction of board and chief executive officer roles, and on collective decision-making that focuses on future or proactive thinking.


Rachel Ludwig


Greg van Popta

1st Vice-President

Nick Hogewoning

2nd Vice-President

Charlene Reimer


Andrea Froese


George Boer


Dan Nicholson


James Greendyk


Kris Versluis


Jean Dykshoorn Hooge


Meredith Pastoor