Children's Respite

respite makes all the difference

We hear from families that there are unique challenges in raising a young person with a diverse ability. When families are offered respite, they can use the time to rest and recharge, spend quality time with other members of their family or schedule things that need to be take care of.  Respite is essential for their well-being and an essential part of what it means to support families.

Did you know Bethesda started in 1971 by offering children’s respite? It was called Relief Saturdays and provided respite to many families throughout BC. 

Supporting children to be all that God intended them to be.

What is respite?

We offer respite in an attractive, home-like setting designed for day and overnight respite. Staffed by trained support workers, the service extends well beyond care. We attend to the physical, recreational, leisure, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child. Children are supported to strengthen interpersonal skills, personal care skills and communication skills through crafts, games, activities and excursions. All to support the child to become all that God intended them to be.

Respite is a service that is funded through BC’s Ministry of Children and Family Development. As a qualified service provider, Bethesda operates children’s respite and is regulated by the ministry to ensure it meets provincial standards. 

For information about applying for the service, contact your local office of the Ministry of Children and Family Development or you may email our manager of children’s respite

the need is great

We’d love to offer respite to all the families wanting it, but finding staff in these times is challenging.

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We need support staff

We’d love to offer respite to all families wanting it, but finding staff in these times is challenging. 

Supporting kids with diverse abilities is immensely rewarding. And while the job doesn’t require previous experience, it does require someone with a desire to work with children and a belief that each child is uniquely valuable. Learn more about this incredible opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, get in touch…