Stories of Jesus: Calming People’s Fears

Jesus Stops a Storm

(Matthew 14:22-27)

By Brent Lanigan

In this 5 part series, we are discovering stories about Jesus that show how he calmed people’s fears. In today’s story we learn how Jesus calmed the fears of the disciples during a storm.

Key Verse: Deuteronomy 31:6 “I will never leave you or abandon you.”

That evening, Jesus said to his followers, “Come with me across the lake.” He and the followers left the people there. They went in the boat that Jesus was already sitting in. There were also other boats with them. A very strong wind came up on the lake. The waves began coming over the sides and into the boat. It was almost full of water. Jesus was at the back of the boat, sleeping with his head on a pillow. His followers went to him and woke him. They said, “Teacher, do you care about us? We will drown!”

Jesus stood up and commanded the wind and the waves to stop. He said, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind stopped, and the lake became calm. Jesus said to his followers, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” The followers were very afraid and asked each other, “What kind of man is Jesus? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”


It’s hard to believe that the disciples were afraid of a storm even when Jesus was right next to them in their boat sleeping! But they were. When the storm started rocking their boat, they became afraid and started panicking because they thought they would drown. How could the disciples be so afraid when Jesus was right there with them? 

It is because the disciples didn’t recognize that Jesus could calm their fears. With Jesus beside them sleeping in the boat, the disciples should never have been afraid or panicked. They should have realized that Jesus was not just a teacher but God’s Son and had the power and ability to calm storms. But their fear kept them from remembering who Jesus really was And so when they woke Jesus up to help them the first thing he asked them was, “why are you afraid? Don’t you believe that I can help you?”

Sometimes, we do the same thing. We can get so afraid at times that we let our fear make us panicky. And then we sometimes forget who Jesus is: the One who gives us comfort and peace whenever we feel afraid. But if we just remember to pray to Jesus he can give us peace and comfort and help us not feel afraid whenever you feel scared. 

So the next time you feel afraid or panicked, don’t stay that way. Remember this verse: Jesus says, “I will never leave you or abandon you.” Remember that Jesus will never leave you alone. He is near us and will give us peace and comfort whenever we feel afraid.


Thank you for this story Jesus that reminds us to always pray to you whenever we feel panicked or afraid. Help us to never forget that you are always near us and will help us when we pray to you. Amen.