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A few ways to get through a pandemic

"How I passed the year in a pandemic. Making videos of me playing Princess Jasmine, Else and Rapunzel in my favourite movies was fun." This is Janna's story as told by staff member, Sherri-Lee.

A lot has changed for me this year. I really miss seeing my family and friends when I want and not being able to go to A&W and Tim Horton’s, to church and my Bible study group. But I’m using other ways to talk to people and finding things to keep busy, and this year a lot has happened.

In September, I had my own Extreme Home Makeover Edition. I had to move temporarily to Vedder Terrace because my home needed renovations. When I moved back home, I saw the new house. Whoaa, it was beautiful! A brand new kitchen to bake in! The first thing I made was 3 dozen cookies and a batch of muffins. 

A few weeks later I had another very exciting day. I saw my little baby niece Madison for the first time! I got to hold her and snuggle with her. I smelled like baby at the end of the evening. Due to COVID-19 I do not get to see Madison often, but I get a lot of pictures and videos. I love pretending to babysit her.

Even though I cannot visit with many people, my social life is very busy. I FaceTime with my family and with my boyfriend Cameron, I send cards to friends who have birthdays, and I have long email conversations with my friend Ilse. 

During the pandemic, I learned about Mother Teresa, and I did other educational activities as well, such as counting money and telling time. I try to do devotions every day. I have two exciting devotionals. One is a book from someone who is in a wheelchair, just like me. We understand each other. The other is a series of devotionals about babies in the Bible, because I love babies!

Janna met her niece, Madison, for the first time. For Janna, who adores babies, this was a very special moment.

Do you know I became a movie star? It all started with my favourite movie, Aladdin. I dressed up like Princess Jasmine, sang “A Whole New World”, took a video, and posted it on Facebook. Since then, I acted in Tangled and Frozen as well. I dressed up according to my role, I make a lot of crafts for the backdrop, and I learned one of the songs of the movie. 


Janna had a lot of fun creating the set for Tangled. She learned a song, and dressed in costume, and she played the lead role, Rapunzel. And then she shared a video of it with her friends on facebook.

In November I watched the Remembrance Day ceremony. The weekend after I set up the Christmas tree. First the big tree in the living room. I decorated that with my roommate, Jasmine. Then I set up my own Christmas tree in my living room. I decorated it with my Tim Hortons ornaments. Now I am working hard on making crafts to make my room look even more like Christmas and winter.

Janna has been making good use of the newly renovated kitchen in her home. Baking is one of her favourite activities, because, as she says, ‘the best part is you get to eat them!”

Janna shares her home in Chilliwack with Jasmine. The two of them always manage to keep busy doing fun, creative and sometimes zany activities, which they love to share with their friends on facebook.