Light in the Darkness Brings Hope

A Christmas Devotional by Greta Nicholson, CFO. I am sitting here reflecting on a devotion to share mere weeks before Christmas. Our world feels heavy and somewhat shattered, as I imagine most…

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Lorraine and Brandon. "I look at Brandon now and see his smiling face, welcomed home at the end of my day to hugs and kisses. I am immensely thankful and grateful to God that his life was spared."

How I Decided to Get Vaccinated and Why I’m Glad I Did

A first hand story from a Bethesda staff member on her experience with COVID vaccination hesitancy. It’s becoming common in the news and social media to hear people’s COVID stories.…


Vedder Terrace 5 Years On

Bethesda celebrates another important anniversary in 2021. Five years ago, Vedder Terrace, an intentional community in Chilliwack, opened its doors, offering affordable, flexible and individualized housing options. These past 5…


Mt. Lehman Home – the beginning

Since the early 70’s, Bethesda has been responding to the needs of families in its community. It was initially formed within the church community throughout BC to provide respite to…