"Dear Friends,


I wanted to send out an email of thanks to our Bethesda family for your support of our family through this very difficult time of change.

When we got the letter from head office on March 25/20, we could hardly believe that this was about to happen.

That we had to decide whether or not to take Jasmine home or keep her in her home was a decision that was difficult to make especially concerning the plan in place if the home would become infected.

We knew in our hearts that she would do best in her own home where she is so very deeply loved by staff and management.

So little did I know that as I visited with Jasmine on March 25, and we had our special time together, that this would be the last visit for awhile.

If I had known I would have kept her out with me for a longer time, I would have taken her for a special lunch, bought her favorite snacks and hugged her more and held her hand.

But it was not to be so, it all changed on March 25.

As we have adjusted to this “new normal” there have been many tears, even though “ face time” has been so convenient, not being able to verbally communicate with me has caused her to be sad and distressed.

BUT we are adjusting, there have been more smiles and signs that she does understand this to shall pass, and we are eagerly waiting for the restriction to lift. We are thankful that we can visit in her  backyard and join her and staff for walks, even though we have to keep our distance.

Just being able to see her and communicate that we are still around, is helpful and we are seeing signs that she is doing ok. The staff in Sardis home are like family to us and they are such a great blessing to Jasmine. They all do their best and it shows in Jasmine’s smiles and happy sounds.

My reason for writing today is to let Bethesda know that we are so thankful for each one of you. We know your challenges and have full and complete trust in you that you really are doing the best for all involved.

We continue to pray for you all and especially that the Lord would intervene and stop this virus. Anything is possible with Him and we come before Him in humble submission and acknowledge that He is sovereign over all things.

We must accept God’s will without ignorant complaints and questions.

As Martin Luther wrote so long ago during the black plague, “We must respect the word of Christ, ‘I was sick and you did not visit me’ According to this passage we are bound to each other in such a way that no one may forsake the other in his distress but is obliged to assist and help him as he himself would like to be helped, Christ is present, that we may not be alone.”

We are in this together, one family, Christ’s family.

May God be pleased to work again through this trial to glorify Christ’s name and extend His kingdom.


With love

Bill and Cathy Van Oosterom"