Caretaker of an Established Bethesda Community



Do you have a desire to be a part of an exceptional apartment community where people are accepted with all their diverse abilities? Where the interdependence of us all makes us stronger? If you have a call to bring your gifts and skills to this extraordinary caretaker role, you are the Caretaker we are seeking.

You will step into a much-loved and supported apartment community in Smithers and open your life to people who will give back to you in ways you never imagined.



Smithers, BC



• Maintain and manage the apartment building and property

• Develop relationships with the tenants

• Complete required reports



• Contract with Bethesda $3100/mo

• Two communal evening meals each week

• On-site 2-bedroom apartment included



• Apartment Management

o Clean common inside areas and be responsible for yard maintenance, including snow removal

o Oversee repair management and ensure proper execution of service contracts

o Coordinate key distribution and apartment/tenant change-overs

o Oversee common room scheduling

o Complete regular suite inspections

• Tenant Relationships

o Develop friendly relationships with tenants

o Be welcoming and friendly to people who visit tenants

o Prepare and share two communal evening meals in common area each week

o Plan an activity night with the tenants at the Apartment 1x/mo

o Encourage tenants to live as independently as possible and participate in home and community activities

o Be alert to safety/health related issues



This role is suitable for a single person or couple who have a heart for an inclusive community with people with diverse abilities. It is a contract position and comes with the flexibility of a contract. The Caretaker will live on site but have the flexibility to schedule duties to suit. The Caretaker is responsible for arranging a replacement for when he or she is away.

An aptitude in completing domestic repairs and minor renovations is considered an asset.

Personal care responsibilities to individual tenants are not required.

Bethesda’s ministry is a Christian faith-based service.



July 17, 2020



Interested applicants may apply online here....

OR email, mail, or FAX a resume and covering letter to:

Bethesda Christian Association

Attention:  Chief Human Resources Officer

105 – 2975 Gladwin Rd. Abbotsford, BC  V2T 5T4

FAX:  604-850-7242




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