At Bethesda, we are committed to building and sharing communities of belonging; communities where everyone’s diversabilities are welcomed and valued. We offer a wide array of services that are designed to meet the needs of each individual and to advance our Mission of “walking alongside families, and serving people of all abilities, experiencing the joys and challenges of life together.”

Bethesda offers service options for people with disabilities who are eligible for funding from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC), Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and/or the Ministry of Health. We also offer options for people who pay privately for services as well as donation-based services.



Supporting families of people with disabilities.


Often described as "whatever it takes", family support services are offered to individuals and their families who are living with the challenges of a disability. Family support services can help alleviate some of the stress that a family experiences in trying to meet the unique needs of a family member with a disability. Family Support services include:


     • Respite Care

     • Summer Camps

     • Problem Solving & Crisis Support

     • Short and Long-Term Planning

     • Parent Support Groups

     • Workshops & Seminars

     • Support to Churches


Individuals and families may be eligible for family support with/without a referral.




The overall purpose of residential services is to create “home” with people that reflects their goals and preferences. Each individual is provided with ownership of their environment in experiencing security and privacy to meet intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Our residential services offer 24/7 support to people with disabilities in community home settings. Services are available by referral from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) or the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Private support options (Fee for Service) may also be available.


Home Share

Sharing a home with someone who is contracted to provide ongoing support in their own home.


Home Sharing allows people with disabilities to choose a Home Share Provider and home environment that meets their unique goals and preferences. Bethesda takes great care in matching caregivers, people with disabilities and their families with each other. We make every effort to find people who share values, interests and goals, as well as ensuring that Home Share Providers have the skills and experience needed to meet each person’s support needs. For more information about Home Sharing, click here.


Intentional Community

A community that offers affordable, flexible and individualized housing options for people with and without disabilities.


Intentional community may be defined as “a group of people who choose to live together with a common purpose, working cooperatively to create a lifestyle that reflects their share core value and needs.” Bethesda offers an opportunity to live in an intentional community where individuals may access affordable housing and/or staffed supports. For more information about our Vedder Terrace community, click here.


Staffed Residential

Typical homes in neighbourhoods where staff support people to participate in home and community life.


Bethesda’s residential services typically take place in homes where 2 to 4 people receive the support of a staff team. In each home, support is personalized, ensuring that the person’s health, safety and well being is met. Residential Services that include more than two people are licensed through the Ministry of Health (MOH).

We believe that a full life is overflowing with choice, experience, faith and relationships. Every Bethesda residence is the home of those who live there. We are intentional about creating an intimate, family setting where people are treated with respect and dignity. Family members are an integral part of people’s lives and wherever possible, we include family in decisions affecting the unique needs of each person.




Bethesda’s community-based services offer support options for individuals to participate more fully in the community, develop life skills and/or live more independently. Supports generally occur during business hours, but alternate options may be offered on a case-by-case basis. Services are available by referral from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). Private support options (Fee for Service) may also be available.


Community Inclusion

Supporting individuals to participate in community.

Individuals enjoy a variety of recreational and community activities that support goals, dreams and aspirations of people with intellectual disabilities. Individuals develop life skills to increase independence and participation in the community. Our approach to providing quality support involves five areas in which the individual and/or their Circle of Support make choices. Underlying each area is the need to ensure the health and safety of each individual:


       • Relational Development

       • Skill Development

       • Educational Development

       • Career Development

       • Retirement Plan


Community Inclusion supports may be provided in a group setting or with individualized support in the community.


Supported Independent Living

Support for people who live independently or semi-independently but would like extra help with life skills and social connections.


 The focus of Bethesda’s Supported Independent Living (SIL) Services is to address the needs of people with disabilities in the community who are living on their own but require assistance with various activities of daily life. People living with their family who have been identified as wanting and being able to achieve greater independence can receive support as well. Support staff will assist individuals in areas such as life skills, activities of daily living and community access. Bethesda also offers opportunities for occasional excursions that are open to participants of our SIL service.




Supporting people to contribute their gifts and abilities in the employment community.


People with intellectual disabilities are encouraged to recognize their God-given gifts in order to find employment that matches their interests and abilities. Job Developers will assist individuals to develop the skills, resources and connections they need to be successful in an employment setting. Support will also be provided to obtain suitable employment and provide on-the-job coaching to ensure a successful transition for both the job seeker and employer.

Employment services generally occur during regular business hours, although exceptions may be made for job-seekers who require support at alternate times. Services are available by referral from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) and/or in conjunction with supports offered through another Bethesda service. Private support options (Fee for Service) may also be available.




Bethesda camps offer opportunities for children and adults to enjoy summer recreational opportunities. Referrals are not required.


Summer Day Camps

Eight weeks of day time adventures are offered to children with disabilities. Campers may apply for up to 3 days per week of camp time throughout July and August. Day Camps provide children the opportunity for fun activities and building relationships, while also offering parents an additional break during the summer months.



Camp Bethesda

Camp Bethesda is a one-week fun, recreational and faith-enriching vacation time in August offered to adults with disabilities. Staff and volunteers are available to support campers to build positive relationships and participate in the many exciting activities that are offered throughout the week.








Bethesda has developed a Services Handbook for Families of People with Intellectual Disabilities. The Handbook is filled with information about Bethesda, have a look here..........

If you would like a Printed copy of the Handbook email us at