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Bethesda is expanding its family support to better serve families and the community. Family support at Bethesda is not paid for by government funding so we rely on donations to pay for experienced professionals to support families. To better serve the growing needs of families with children with diverse abilities, we have recently added a family support specialist to our staff team. Our dream is to make this position a long-term reality, and that’s where we need your help. Are you able to donate monthly to help cover the salary? 

Do you have a friend with a child with a diverse ability? Or a family member? Or do you have a heart for supporting families in this way? 

Friendly Knowledgeable Advice

The family support manager guides families on resources and options that are available, where to find help, tips for accessing resources, and help through life stage transitions or crises.

Professional Team

The family support manager works with other Bethesda service professionals to connect families to the right services for their child.


Connects parents and families to each other, gaining learnings, encouragement and strength, so they know they are not walking on this path alone.

Access to Services

Respite, employment services, summer camps, residential options, supported independent living and community inclusion are some of the services family support can help families access.

As little as $5/month

To cover the salary of a family support professional and related service expenses.

"Bethesda’s always been near and dear to my heart and my family’s heart for a long time, so having the opportunity to help families through monthly giving -- it’s a cool feeling -- and to know what you’re actually giving to. That just makes it easier to give and makes it rewarding knowing that it’s making a difference.”
Darren Leffers
Monthly Donor
I am friends with a family that has a daughter with special needs. I've seen not only the richness and joy that this beautiful girl brings to all those around her, but also the unique challenges that came with raising a child with diverse abilities. I am exhausted just watching the 'extra' that comes along with this all, that I, as a parent of 'typical' children, don't face. This has helped me to realize that these families need more support from those of us around them. We are meant to be in community and support all members of God's family."
Rachel Ludwig
Monthly Donor

What Families Say

Melanie Beukema

 “Family support has been a life-saver. The hours Jayden is at summer camp is really an opportunity for me as a parent to relax a bit and do something with my other children.”

Jayden’s mom, 8 years receiving Bethesda’s family support services.

Anna Redekop

“Summer camp is so great for your child, and it’s so great for your family. And without it — we just realized — we’re just too weak to do it on our own”

Sadie’s mom, 4 years receiving Bethesda’s family support services.

Aimee McFarlane

“It gives Destiny that stability of friendship, because in larger groups, she just needs that extra prompting, like, knowing where’s she supposed to fit in.”

Destiny’s mom, 6 years receiving Bethesda’s family support services.

Join us at our

Family Fun Evening and Fundraiser*

October 14, 2022

At Bethesda’s provincial office at 2775 Emerson St Abbotsford

Drop-in between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm

Friends, Games, Prizes, Snacks, Music

*Sign up to donate monthly for as little as $5/month — less than the cost of a serving of avocado toast — and support a family!

*Your monthly donation helps pay for a full-time, family support professional to support families with kids with diverse abilities.

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