Support Worker - part-time

Job Description

Our son, David, is 29 years old and we are looking for a support worker (preferably male) to take him out on Wednesday afternoon or early evening (times are flexible) for 2 to 4 hours. David has high functioning autism and is verbal with no physical issues and has a great sense of humour. He has 2 paper routes which he does independently (Thursday and Friday) and uses BC Transit independently as well. He lives in a basement suite in the family home. The pay is respite and includes a meal for David and staff and any other expenses including mileage. Staff will need to have their own vehicle. David just recently had his staff of 8 years leave so the position is available immediately.

Thank-you, Scott & Karen Smith (parents)

604-850-0575 ph
604-807-9213 cell

Please note: This position is not connected with Bethesda. All arrangements, including compensation will be established through the family.