Bethesda’s Diana Buurman Award honors individuals, employers, businesses, churches and other organizations who/that exemplify acceptance

and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Why ‘Diana Buurman?’ Diana was the first person to live in Bethesda’s first home, Mt. Lehman Home – the first visible mark of Bethesda’s ministry that the supporting community began to identify with the work of serving individuals with disabilities and their families. Mt. Lehman Home was a springboard to all services that came in later years, including the movement from institutional to community living.


Eligibility Criteria include demonstration of:

  1. Going above & beyond
  2. Creative and inclusive practices with people, resources & opportunities
  3. Understanding & furthering of Bethesda’s Vision and Mission.
  4. Ability to understand the needs, skills and interests of people, and to inspire them to develop their  potential
  5. Ability to mentor/welcome/advocate
  6. Longstanding support of Bethesda Christian Association


Each year a Nominee is a recipient of the Diana Buurman Award, which is presented at Bethesda’s Annual General Meeting in the Fall of each year (usually September).


The 2016 recipient was Smithers McDonald's.

The 2015 recipient was Abbotsford Pizza Hut.