by our Friends with disabilities

Pat's Poem



BLUE by Stephen


When people feel blue they don't feel good. Blue is the color of the sky. Blue is the color of rainclouds.


Blue is the color that's in a rainbow. Ice cream is blue, blue jays are blue. My wrist splint is blue, my flight certificate is blue. My knock-knock joke book is blue. My worldliness book is blue. My flight book is blue. My bible is blue. A few pairs of my jeans are blue. The Christmas card is blue. My back pillow is blue. When I am sick my skin color looks blue. I have some blue in my Christmas tie. Blue is the color of my pen. Blue is the color of my camera. The cup has blue lines on it. The palm tree cut out in the card is blue. Even the computer button is blue. So I say blue, blue, blue everything I do is blue. I'd like to look at something new!