Often described as "whatever it takes", family support services are offered to individuals and their families who are living with the challenges of a disability.


These services include:

  • Respite Care
  • Summer Camps
  • Problem Solving & Crisis Support
  • Short and Long Term Planning
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Support to Churches








Staffed Residential care in homes in typical neighbourhoods.

Individuals live and participate in their communities.















Individuals enjoy a variety of activities that include opportunities for building positive relationships, life skills training, employment or volunteer activities, and utilizing resources in the community to meet needs and provide enjoyment.












One on One support for individuals who live on their own but would like extra help with life skills and social connections.




Home Share Providers open their homes to welcome a person with a disability and provide care for the individual in a typical home setting.




Support services are provided to individuals and employers to develop positive employment relationships.




Eight weeks of day time adventures are offered to children with disabilities. Campers may apply for up to 3 days per week of camp time throughout July and August.




Camp Bethesda is a one week fun, recreational and faith enriching vacation time in August offered to adults with disabilities.




Excursions are offered to adults who participate in Bethesda's Supported Independent Living Services or Family Support Services.





  1. What are Bethesda’s value and mission statements?
    1. Mission: Walking alongside families, and serving people of all abilities, experiencing the joys and challenges of life together.
    2. Vision:  People of all abilities belonging to interdependent communities where they are valued and empowered to share their essential God-given skills and abilities.
  2. How do I obtain services through Bethesda?
    1. Choosing Bethesda to support you or your family member should be put in writing to the Agency.  At some point early in the process you will need to meet with a Community Living BC (CLBC) facilitator in order to write a Support Plan and determine your eligibility for funding.
    2. Once we receive your request and a support plan has been written that outlines your family member’s support needs, we are in a position to begin an assessment process to establish whether we are able to provide that support.
    3. Depending on the level of support you are seeking, you may be waitlisted by either CLBC or Bethesda until a vacancy or funds become available.
  3. How do I know that you can meet my or my family member’s particular needs?
    1. Our first concern is that we are able to provide your family member with safe and adequate support.  The kind of service (e.g. residential, day or home sharing) and the level of staffing required will also need to be assessed.
    2. The facility design and renovations required as well as any special equipment will be also be assessed.
    3. Information from existing professionals will be gathered and recommendations made for additional support requirements.
    4. Approval by the Executive Director will only proceed once we have determined that we can meet your family member’s needs.
  4. Are there goals for each person supported and are they measured?
    1. Bethesda’s person-centered plan is an organized process for determining satisfactory, effective and efficient support for your family member.
    2. Eight outcomes, as defined by Community Living BC, serve as priorities around which we develop our support for your family member.
      1. To be able to experience good emotional well being,
      2. To be able to experience meaningful relationships,
      3. To have the resources to do the things that are important,
      4. To be able to have opportunities for personal development,
      5. To be able to make informed decisions,
      6. To be able to have opportunities for social inclusion, and
      7. To be able to have rights respected.
  5. How well we are doing in fulfilling these outcomes is reported annually in Bethesda’s Outcomes Management Report which is available on the website at  The report helps us shape Strategic Planning Initiatives for each year.
  6. How are staff trained to provide services?
    1. Resource and individual specific orientation occurs at the time support workers are hired or contracted to work with your family member.
    2. Additional skills training in personal care, medical procedures and safe workplace practices are provided to staff.  First Aid/CPR and Food Safe are required and offered through Bethesda as well.
    3. Leadership are trained in software that manages employee information and payroll.
  7. Can I be involved in directing how I or my family member will be supported?
    1. We encourage your involvement and input in helping your family member achieve his or her highest level of potential and quality of life.  You can do so on an informal basis or through annual goal or health care planning.
    2. Each person has a person centered plan which addresses areas that are “important to” and “important for” your family member.
    3. Feedback is always welcome.  This only helps us to further improve the support your family member needs and wants.
    4. Our commitment is to encourage the relationship between you and your family member and to keep you informed.  You should be included in decision-making, informed of changes in health and supported to stay involved with your loved one.